Arkwright Primary School

Advice about gaming


Gaming has never been more popular and continues to grow and evolve.  Online gaming can bring potential risk to children which is why it is important that as adults, we keep up to speed with the games and content that our children play.  Please find below some advice and useful links to resources available to you.       

  allows you to find out more about the games your children are playing online.  It has search features which allow you to quickly find the content which is relevant to you and your child. Click the logo above to access this site and research the games your children play and find safe and secure recommended games. also produces a monthly newsletter which is free for parents/carers to subscribe to.  To register and receive their newsletter click here


Monitoring screen time on Xbox and Playstation

We all lead busy lives and monitoring the time our children spend gaming can sometimes be difficult.  Both Xbox and Playstation offer the facility to limit your child's screen time.  Please click on the logo's below for further guidance




Further advice for parents can be found on the following links:

   Think u Know - Gaming: What parents and carers need to know.


 Internet Matters - online gaming advice hub.


 Young Minds - A guide for parents and Carers, Gaming and Mental Health.