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Curriculum Statement


At Arkwright Primary School we have a positive climate for learning and teaching to take place .Through our positive climate we aim to:

  • Provide learning opportunities to which pupils respond with enthusiasm and commitment.
  • Promote learning through lessons delivered by committed teachers who provide experiences which cater for the needs of all pupils.
  • Deliver a broad and balanced curriculum that is enriched with a range of experiences within and beyond the school environment.
  • Develop and equip children with the skills and knowledge needed to be self motivated and independent learners. Ready for the next stage of their education.


Schools are expected within their curriculum and day to day life to promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.

At Arkwright Primary school these values are taught through our broad and balanced curriculum and are supported through our own values of respect, resilience and responsibility.


Pupil voice is a tool for school improvement. Our weekly celebration assembly celebrates children's successes and achievements.  Children complete questionnaires and their responses help shape our priorities. The school has recently implemented 'shout out' boards as a means of celebrating what we do well but also as a means of children and adults telling us what we could improve or change.

The Rule of Law

The school has a consistently applied behaviour policy. Children are rewarded for making positive choices, older children are role models for younger children, staff have high expectations of children regarding their behaviour and lead by example.  Through PSHE and assemblies children develop an appropriately understanding of the rule of law appropriate to their age.

Individual Liberty

Children are valued as individuals are taught that they have a right to be safe and feel safe. Children know that they can talk to any adult in school regarding their fears and worries and they will be dealt with. The small school setting allows staff to know children as individuals.

Children have responsibility within the school ranging from min leaders to running the school bank. Responsibility is a school value.

Mutual Respect

Our school is a small, friendly school underpinned by the value of respect. The school participates in themed weeks such as 'anti bullying week to reinforce this value. The consistent application of the behaviour policy promotes respect.  As part of the school sports partnership the school participates in sporting events with other school. The children are well behaved and understand how to behave in a sportsman like way.


Tolerance of those Different Faiths and Beliefs

The school follows the agreed Derbyshire Religious Education syllabus which ensures that children learn about all religions and faiths. Assemblies and themed days contribute to the knowledge of special occasions and events around the world. Resources used reflect our multi cultural society.


Please click below to view our Curriculum Policy and Climate for Teaching and Learning Policy: 

Curriculum Policy

Climate for Teaching and Learning Policy.