Arkwright Primary School

 Year 3/4

 Welcome to our Lower Key Stage 2 class page!

The year 3/4 children are taught by Miss Martin and Mrs Milner and Mrs Galler are the class Teaching and Learning Assistants.


This class page is designed to give readers a brief overview of what we are covering in class. We share more detailed information about what we get up to using the Class Dojo app. Parents can request login details via their child's class teacher.


Autumn Term 2023-24

        History Project:  Invasion

In the Invasion project, your child will explore the effects of the Roman withdrawal and the chronology and geography of subsequent invasions. They will study the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings in detail, examining their reasons for invading, their settlements and their everyday life. Your child will also look at monasteries and the Anglo-Saxon legacy. They will consider how we know about life in this period and investigate the Sutton Hoo ship burial. They will learn about Athelstan, an Anglo-Saxon king, and what happened after his death, before ending the project by learning about the Norman invasion of 1066.


Please see our Knowledge Organisers below for this term's key project learning. 

History:  Invasion Knowledge Organiser

Geography:  Interconnected world Knowledge Organiser

Art and design:  Warp and weft Knowledge Organiser

Art and design:  Contrast and complement Knowledge Organiser

Art and design:  Warm and cool colours Knowledge Organiser

Science:  Food and the digestive system Knowledge Organiser

Science:  Sound Knowledge Organiser

Design Technology:  Fresh food, good food Knowledge Organiser 




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