Arkwright Primary School

Design and Technology



Autumn Term

KS2 children, children at craft club and Mrs Wells made Christmas Crafts to sell at The Bolsover Secondary Winter Arts Showcase’. Mrs Rowland, Mrs Gould and Mr Roberts sold the crafts at the showcase to raise money for the school.


BIFFA Recycling Morning 
What a fabulous morning the children have had today. The School Councillors delivered an assembly on recycling which led on to all children having the opportunity to look how a Biffa Van works, go inside the van and look at different pieces of rubbish to see which bin it needs to go into. Thank you to Mrs Macefield and her team for making this happen. They have kindly donated some prizes for children for our recycling competition. The prizes include Biffa backpacks, Biffa squidgy vans and a Biffa water bottles.

Here are the winners:


Spring Term

Ruth Amos, Children's Youtuber and Engineer

The children had  fabulous morning assembly and session we had with Ruth Amos. She delivered an inspiring, enthusiastic and informative assembly on how engineering works, some of the creations that she has made from children’s challenge and how she presents them on kids YouTube.
The children then showed off their design and creativity skills through drawing either a vehicle (KS1) or piece of clothing (KS2) that Ruth may potentially make.
Ruth has said that she looks through all of the designs sent from all over, each month, and then makes one each month. Therefore, not all designs will be made but she will get in contact with me, if she picks one.
Ruth commented on how well the children listened which was great to see and hear too!
Well done Arkwright! You did a fabulous job as always :)