Arkwright Primary School


Music at Arkwright 


Musician of the Month- Florence Price 

Every day, in assembly, the children listen to songs from Florence Price.  Here is a poster, which tells you key information about her. 




Autumn Term

All children from EYFS to Y6, went to the Winding Wheel to enjoy the experience of the pantomime! The performance was 'Sleeping Beauty' and all children had the best time!


Spring Term

  • All children in KS2 have been given the opportunity to attend Young Voices at Sheffield Arena.


Young Voices 

The School Councillors raised enough money last year to pay for all children to attend Young Voices at Sheffield Arena in 2023! We are very excited and are currently learning the songs in assembly by Miss Martin and Mrs Rowland!

 KS2 children have been sent a link for them to go on their music portal to practice their songs, alternatively you can click on these links to learn and the lyrics and songs:





















 In the children's assembly, the children have been learning the songs: 'Wake Up' and 'Spring Chicken', ready for The Arkwright Bake Off and Easter.

If your child wants to practice the songs, here is a link to parts of the song as we cannot get the full song, but there are the main parts on: