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Hello and welcome to Arkwright Primary School's School Council page! Here you can find out about what the school councillors have got up to during each term and minutes of the meetings will also be published. The minutes are also shared with members of staff so they are aware too. The School Councillors had to write a letter to myself (Mrs Rowland) to say why they would like to be a member. I chose 4 children from Year 1/2, 3/4 and 5/6. We have a meeting every other week and our minutes are on our School Council display (which is in the hall). On the display, there is a box for any child to be able to write their ideas down and put in the box, which will be discussed at the school council meetings.

At our first School Council meeting, we discussed the school councillor’s roles which were:


Tuck Shop

Every Friday, the school councillors take it in turns to sell healthy snacks at break, which consist of:

Yogurt Squeezes 
Go Ahead Bars 
Dairy Lea Dunkers 
Fruit Bars 

Breadstick Cups 

Every term, we take it in turns to fundraise for either school or a charity and this term we have decided to raise money for school. We will be discussing what the money will be used for at our meeting.

A massive well done to all the School Councillors who have helped sell snacks at break time and also a massive thank you to all those children who have bought a snack too to help fundraise money for school! In Autumn 1, we have raised £45.70 which is fabulous for 4 weeks of tuck shop! 

Class Teddy Bear

The School Councillors discussed and came up with the idea of a class teddy bear, whereby each week a child takes home their bear. Their bear has a diary, which the children can write in it and stick pictures in, and is to be brought back on Monday to share with the class.



In 2021/2022, the school tuck shop was introduced by the school councillors and have raised lots of money over the year to donate to different charities. They have raised money for the following:

Ashgate Hospice

Pet Samaritan in Old Whittington

Cancer Research

Dementia UK


Ashgate Hospice's Mascot Ashley the Bear came in to celebrate the money we had raised! Well done Arkwright! 


This half term we are raising money for school, which we will be discussing in our next meeting! 

School Council Meeting Minutes for 2022:

15th September 2022

 13th October 2022
 Arkwright's Joke Video, whilst in lockdown to cheer everyone up :)!