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Hello! It’s Miss Lowe here and welcome to Arkwright’s School Council page. To find out more about what our School Councillors are up to, please read the newsletter which is on this page or on class dojo. Our School Council started early last year but due to Covid, it had to stop. In September, I really wanted to get the School Council up and running again as the children had so many ideas and were really excited, but again lockdown hit us. I didn’t want to let this stop the School Council being able to express their thoughts and opinions on how we could continue to make Arkwright a fabulous school but also how we could continue to connect with others whilst in lockdown so I set up a School Council dojo page.  

Last year, the School Councillors had to write a letter to explain why they believe they would be perfect for the role as a school councillor. I must say it was such a difficult decision to choose from the applicants that I got so therefore I asked the other members of staff to help me. The School Councillors, who were chosen last time, got the chance to still be part of it plus a few extras. We have 3 children from each year group to represent their class.  

Our first meeting last year, they discussed their ideas on managing behaviour in class and their thoughts on different rewards that could be given out in class/ break and lunch times. Since then, Arkwright has introduced the ‘Good to be Green’ scheme which the children respond really well too. The children had great ideas on how to continue to make the children feel happy and welcomed into school, such as creating a friendship area which is something that will take place once were out of lockdown. The School Councillors were excited about the idea of having an anti-bullying poster competition, which is an idea that can be replicated online throughout this pandemic. The final topic discussed was ‘School Clubs’ and came up with some fabulous ideas that all children could engage with at lunch time and after school too.  

Every week, I post a comment on class dojo about the topic the school councillors could have a think about in order to create some ideas for the school. The weekly newsletter will be put on this page and also class dojo for parents and the other children to see. I am hoping that normality will resume very soon but if not, I plan to get School Council teams up and running for the children to see each other and to bounce ideas off each other. 

If you have any ideas for the School Council, please don’t hesitate to contact Miss Lowe.


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